Token Sale Statistics

Well Done Together So Far. Let’s Do Even More.

A Big Thank You to All Our Great Contributors who are making TPI possible. Great News! Together We have achieved what is required to launch the Next Generation Banking Wallet! Get Ready! Start to See more and more market exposure as more Interesting News will come soon, please stay tuned.

Together let’s reach the Next Billion People engaged with our Blockchain-based banking services.

2,5 M USD
2.5 M 5 M USD

Total TPI Supply: 50 Billion

Total TPI Sold: 25 Billion

The Future of Banking

TPI isn’t just your typical banking app. Our wallet provides instant updates, send, receive or pay with our beautiful interfaces. Now you can have one account where you can deposit your money and crypto* and use it as you want.

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*Depending on the jurisdiction

Transfer money like never before

Your money in the TPI wallet will move faster and easier than cryptocurrencies, receivers will be able to get the money within 1-2 minutes in their local currency to any card, bank account or wallet in the world in our network.

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TPI Token Functionalities


Access to premium services such as Higher FX transfer limit, ATM withdrawals, transfer and exchange an unlimited amount of money.

Micro Finance

Token holders can give loans and have access to instant loans at low interest rates compared to non token holders.

Credit Score
Credit Score

The accumulation of TPI tokens improves credit scores of low credit rated individuals and small businesses.


Only traders with enough TPI can participate in the trading network and are entitled to create smart contracts for trading.


Governing voting system is another objective of the TPI token, Stake holders will be able to govern the smart contract updates etc.

Our Ecosystem

TPI connects businesses and individuals on Blockchain to the existing financial world in a decentralized manner. Our financial technology combined with mainstream fiat will enable real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across all the Blockchain.

Elastic, secure and resilient Platform

The network is designed as a highly performant system leveraging interlinked blockchain construction, while clearing and settlement occurs over the TPIChain Layer, the costs of protecting transaction value is externalized to other chains in ways that directly promote the value of those chains.

Borderless and massive User Community bringing Liquidity

The TPI network is intrinsically agnostic between fiat and decentralized money. Billions of mainstream users in the largest growing economies in the world will be enabled to make the transition from using fiat money to using decentralized currencies such as BTC, ETH and others.

Powered by AI and Blockchain

The World needs a financial platform which is governed by AI and secured on Blockchain. Cognitive bots will do the data analysis, price prediction, risk assessment and forex transaction for them.

Identities are managed through biometric systems

Lack of identity is one of the main reasons in the developing economies which stop people from participating in the financial system. TPI will create identities for such users using their retina and thumb impression with private key, making it impossible to fake.